Sunday, May 13, 2007

celebrating Hubble's birthday

Many of the fantastic images of nebulae, stellar scenery and planets that we have been showing children in schools as part of the Highland Constellation Project, have been taken from the Hubble Telescope. Rather elderly and troubled, but still orbiting the earth at 17 years of age, I couldn't resist the wordplay suggested by a visit to Cawdor primary school. Here's the result:

Birthday message to the Hubble Telescope
(The Telescope was launched 24/4/1990)

Hubble, Hubble, you toil and trouble
circling way outside earth’s bubble.
At seventeen thousand miles per hour
you send us snaps of meteor showers
planets, galaxies and stars.
But we wonder how you are?

Hubble, Hubble, you have no double
up there alone without a cuddle,
exiled to the celestial park
to spy black holes and brave the dark.
Your shiny dress is like a queen’s
but you’re still in orbit at seventeen.

Hubble, Hubble, are you in trouble?
They gave you glasses when you saw double.
Burnt by sun and iced by night
you never stop for a rest or a bite.
Happy Birthday Hubble, Hubble,
won’t you return now into earth’s bubble?

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