Saturday, June 16, 2007

The rise and fall of Queen Cassiopeia

oh dear oh dear
still peering down at life on Earth
all bright and superior

her beauty was clear
but she’s chained up there for bragging
and no-one’s gone to free her

she didn’t shed a tear
when she tied her daughter to a rock
for the sea monster’s high tea

dangerous to be near
plotted Perseus’s murder
and he her daughter’s freer

we can always see her
dangling round the Pole Star
at night when it’s clear

her throne always near
she goes round on automatic
no need for her to steer

uncomfortable, and jeered at
she’ll be talked about and pointed at
across the light years

now her home’s not near
her punishment's tied up in the stars
she’ll never disappear

with thanks to children of Beauly and Teannassie primary schools for help with editing and for the final verse

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