Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Call for writing inspired by your Heroes and Heroines

The Scottish branch of international writers’ organization, PEN, invite residents of Scotland who are refugees, asylum seekers, and others whose first language is not English to submit work for the on-line showcase of new writing we have recently started. The first edition was on the theme of ‘Home’.

The writing this time should be inspired by the theme of 'Heroes and Heroines’ and will go live in October 2009. Selected items will appear on the website alongside work by our own members, and guest contributions from members of PEN Kenya.

Both poetry and prose are welcome. Poems should be no longer than 50 lines (excluding the title), prose pieces no longer than 350 words. Each person may send in one prose piece and/or up to three poems. Submissions may be in any language provided that they are accompanied by a translation into English. The translation might be the author's or writer’s own, or through collaborations with another writer whose first language is English.

Work must be submitted by Friday 15 September 2009 as a word attachment to an e-mail. If the writing is in another script than English, please scan and send as an attachment in the form of a jpeg or pdf. Send to: pensubmissions@googlemail.com Please include a biography of no more than 50 words, and your contact details including a postal address. Copyright will remain with the author. There is no payment for work included.

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