Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'A Wilder Vein' is launched

'A Wilder Vein' was launched last week - twice! First we were at the Aberfeldy Watermill (pictured above left to right with Norma Gray and Ruth Tauber of the Watermill; contributors Andrew Greig, Alison Grant, Kenny Taylor, Mandy Haggith, and me). Then we were in Edinburgh as part of the Radical and Independent Book Fair where the readers were Judith Thurley, Jane Alexander, Ken Wilkie and Andrew Greig. It was wonderful to hear 'live' versions of the pieces I'd enjoyed on the page, and witness the diversity and the synergy between them.

I'm now looking forward to the feature on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage this Saturday at 10am when John McCarthy will be in conversation with contributors Andrew Greig and Sara Maitland. Local media are also making something of it here and there's a lovely review from Cameron McNeish here which also appears in TGO magazine.


Mick said...

It's a lovely book. Still working through it, but particularly enjoyed reading the piece on 'The Gap' between Hirta and Dun islands of St. Kilda after hearing it read at The Watermill. He's right about the way the story of the evacuation has dominated, to the exclusion of other fascinating stories of the Islands. It's one of many beautiful pieces of writing.

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