Sunday, May 08, 2011

Being naked: New literary journal

An essay of mine about walking barefoot through a Kenyan village with activist and writer, Philo Ikonya is featured in Algebra, Tramway’s exciting new digital literary journal. Walked in 2009 as part of my walking and writing project, I'm thrilled to see the piece appear here for the first time.

Developed in partnership with Storm ID, Algebra is edited by writer Beatrice Colin, and the first issue includes fiction, poetry, memoir, photography and visual art from a range of contributors. Take a look here!

'The theme, borrowed from Keith Farquhar’s recent exhibition More Nudes in Colour, Glasgow, is nude or nudity, and the range of pieces include a story inspired by the Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempick, as well as a set of poems that focus on the body. Elsewhere, writers go on barefoot walks or present a personal history of tattoos, stand naked in their kitchens or examine the spaces, both emotional and physical, that are usually hidden from view.'

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