Friday, June 01, 2012

26 Treasures in print - museum objects 'speak'

Museums often talk of wanting their objects to speak to visitors and as if in answer, the '26 Treasures' Anthology was launched at the V&A on 18th September. The 26 refers to writers' collective, see more here, and each writer was asked to respond to an object in only 62 words. I'm very proud to have my short piece included in response to Saint Fillan's crozier handle and relic known as the Coigrich, a very treasure-y object with magical powers (or at least it did before it was captured by the National Museum of Scotland, so who knows what it gets up to in its glass case!). More about the writing of it here. This is a beautiful book produced by Unbound, the book crowd-sourcing specialist and distributed by Faber for £14.99.

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