Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Searching Glance launched at the Aberfeldy Watermill March 8th 08

This is what James Robertson had to say about the book:
'Linda Cracknell's attention to detail is impressive: she writes as a painter in oils might paint, using a palette rich in both colour and texture, and the people she brings to life seem at once both part of and alienated from the landscapes in which they move. These are quiet yet passionate stories, subtle and striking in their effect.'
Reviewed in Comment magazine....
See also a review of one of the stories on Laura Hird's website:
'Another story that stands out is Linda Cracknell’s ‘The Weight of the Earth and The Lightness of the Human Heart.’ Even if the title is something of a mouthful. It’s a beautiful story with a mysterious and mythic heart. A pagan heart. Set at Halloween, when a climber is lying on a mountain, freezing to death, the narrator is unnamed, undefined and most certainly not human.'
Also read extracts from two of the included stories: Angel Face and Night's High Noon

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