Monday, September 22, 2008

The Aberfeldy Watermill

No sooner has one bookshop done something great, than another one does. My own local Aberfeldy Watermill , bathed today in September sunshine, has just won Independent Bookshop of the Year Award. It's very well deserved for their expert mix of good books, coffee and art. In a short time they've become a major local resource with an extraordinary commitment to getting children involved with books and a engaging a wider public with words in all sorts of ways - including creative writing workshops.

Neill Denny, chairman of the judges, said: "Tucked away in Aberfeldy, on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, the Watermill is a truly outstanding local bookshop. They have built up a shop people travel many miles to visit. Combining a bookshop, art gallery and coffee shop, the Watermill won for a number of reasons: authoritative bookselling, profitable and expanding trading, energetic local PR and marketing, helpful staff and exciting displays. This is a superb, successful store that offers a definitive model of how bookshops can thrive." Read more.

Hurrah, hurrah!

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